Kaiser Permanente Virtual Forward care plans

Care for your employees and your bottom line

Too often, employers pay a high premium to give their teams health care coverage that goes unused. The solution? A Kaiser Permanente Virtual Forward plan, which offers comprehensive virtual and in-person care at an affordable price, all within the region’s leading integrated health system.1 Check out our plan benefits flyers to compare costs of our Virtual Forward plans with your current health plan: Mid/Large, Small Group DCMDVA, and KPIF.
With Virtual Forward, you and your team can have it all: convenient, affordable, high-quality care with no trade-offs. Enjoy $0 copays for services like video visits,2 e-visits, 24/7 phone advice, and more, as well as a $0 copay for your first in-person visit per year3—with access to further in-person care when needed. Within our integrated health system, all of these services are available directly through your plan, so you never have to coordinate third-party care. And since you and your care team stay connected and informed about your health through your personal electronic medical record, care is always seamless and personalized no matter how you choose to access it.

3 ways you win with Virtual Forward


affordable costs

Virtual Forward plans offer your business lower monthly premiums, saving you money. Your employees also get $0 copays for most virtual services, and a $0 copay for the first in-person preventive primary care visit each year.3 With these incentives to seek virtual care first, your employees get more convenient care at more affordable prices.



Virtual Forward plans provide access to unlimited virtual appointments. This means your employees can access care anytime, anywhere, whether from home, the office, or on the go. Members can address medical concerns faster and stay healthier for longer, which means fewer sick days and less time away from work for medical appointments.

Care on


Our virtual care options deliver the same customized care as a visit to the doctor’s office—at no additional cost. This means employees can have appointments where and when it’s most convenient for them. When employees control how they access care, they spend less time managing their care and more time in the workplace.

Explore our virtual tools and resources

When a member needs medical attention, they can start their care journey by using any of our virtual care options on kp.org​ or the Kaiser Permanente app. For more details about these options, check out our Virtual Forward flyer.


Speak to care providers face-to-face using a camera-equipped computer or mobile device. Video visits are available for many medical conditions and specialties. Find a complete list of conditions here.


Discuss medical concerns with care providers over the phone—no need for a camera or a trip to a medical center. Find out what your next steps should be for care without leaving home.


Fill out an online questionnaire describing your health concerns, then get personalized medical advice within a few hours. Just log in to kp.org and click Appointments in the main menu.


Send secure emails to your primary care doctor, specialists, and other care providers, and usually get a response within two days. Just log in to kp.org and access the Message Center from the main menu.


Get on-demand medical advice anytime, anywhere from a registered nurse—without waiting for an appointment. Just call our 24/7 advice line at 800-777-7904 (TTY 711). Have your member ID card ready to provide your medical record number.


You have a personal electronic health record with all your health information, which you can access anytime on kp.org or the KP app. Your doctors can access this information to offer personalized care both in person and online.

Self-care apps for total health5

Members also have access to leading self-care apps, as well as no-cost virtual classes available on kp.org. For more details about these apps, check out our Virtual Forward flyer.

For more information about Kaiser Permanente, visit kp.org.

Use video visits2​ for many conditions and situations, like:

  • Behavioral health concerns, including sleep or mood problems
  • Cough, cold, flu, sore throat, allergies, sinus issues
  • Nausea/vomiting/diarrhea (no abdominal pain)
  • Minor injuries/aches and pains
  • Skin conditions
  • Urinary issues
  • Pink eye
  • Follow-up care for conditions that have not improved
  • Medication questions and consultations

Many specialties offer video visits, including:

  • Internal and family medicine
  • Behavioral health4
  • Obstetrics-gynecology
  • Ophthalmology4
  • Cardiology4
  • Dermatology4
  • Gastroenterology4
  • Urgent care
  • Physical therapy4